Nails Etc... Situated in Westville has been trading for 12 Years.. with a complement of 6 highly skilled Beauticians and Nail Techs.

                 We offer all Beauty related grooming Services as well as Nail Enhancements complemented by Free hand Nail art Design.

Threading  - The art of Threading is done by a technique where by A cotton thread removes Facial Hair , one of the oldest techniques                                        of Depilation, Defined Eyebrow Shaping Achieved.

Sugaring - "The Sweetest in Hair Removal".. originated in Ancient Egypt & Greece is a method of moulding a Sugar Paste made of Lemon Juice,                        Brown Sugar and Water Removes unwanted Hair as well as Exfoliating and Clearing you're skin Tone.

                   We use "Alexandria Professional' Sugar products at Nails Etc..

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